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My dog isnt very interested in food

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So im not sure if this is normal behaviour or not. I have a corgi, and as most corgi owners know they tend to be VERY food motivated. However, mine is not. He often leaves his meals either untouched or has a couple bites then leaves it. He gets fed half a cup of kibble morning and evening. It is usually his breakfast that he leaves and then he will eat his dinner at night, occasically eats just breakfast or both meals. He generally always has at least one. He is never excited for his food (was for maybe a week or so after we got him) and often seems to have no interest in it. I leave it for 15 minutes then take it away until his next meal. He seems to be a good weight, and he is active. He gets fed high quality kibble. We tried different flavours and brands but this is the only one that sits right with him and he still didnt care (yes we transitioned slowly and kept feeding it for long enough but it didnt help) i feel bad that he doesnt seem to enjoy it and i worry he isnt eating enough even though he is not underweight. Should i only feed once a day instead? It just seems like such a long time with hiking and such to not eat anything until the evening.
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Mine is also not very interested in kibble. She's on a high quality grain-free kibble now and she'll eat bites here and there but she's not eager or excited at meal time. I tried food-training her (taking the bowl away after 10 minutes, reducing the amount offered at the next meal, etc) and it did work for a while but then I just went back to free feeding her. She's an only-dog, is in good weight, good health, and high energy so I figured why do I have to dictate when she eats and when she doesn't?

So now each morning I put aside her daily amount, whenever I notice her bowl is empty (there's almost always something left over from the previous day) I put in the full day's amount and let her eat when she wants. On special occasions she gets wet food added into her kibble and made into a "gravy" with warm water -- then everything is eaten up lickity split. But I only do that on random nights that I feel like spoiling her.

I even tried buying Orijen as many reviewers said it made their kibble-shy dogs excited...nope...nothing from her. So I'm back on the less expensive Dog Lover's Gold. I'm sure if I switched to raw or all-wet food that her interest would be peaked, but we travel too much and have too small fridge/freezer space for that to be possible right now. So she'll just have to make do with her "meh" kibble :)
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