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Over the past month my dog (Max) has been yelping as if I'd stood on his paw. Most of the time he has looked depressed and then will suddenly come out of it and play with my other dog (Charlie).
We have made numerous visits to the vet and each time Max has been as bright as a button and after he has been checked over, he has been no help whatsoever. Last week I actually managed to video him trying to get up from a lying position and yelping, this showed the problem was with his right front leg.
So off to the vet again and he was given steroids and antibiotics.
The vet said she was worried about the weight loss over his eyes, I hadn't noticed this and have since been checking him out. Even though he has been on the up and acting more like his normal self due to the medication, I have noticed he is losing more weight from his face. He is eating and drinking well and we are due back at the vets this week.
Has anyone any idea what could be causing this weight loss, the rest of his body is fine.
Thanks in advance.
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