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I'm fortunate enough to live in small town where our vets will allow payments.
New Orleans is huge area, with a good number of vets.

?There still might be a vet or two that will allow you to get onto some kind of payment plan, and to find that out, it might mean calling every single vet listed and if you do find one, it could also mean a long drive to get to that vet.

Also, there are sometimes, vets who have customers who donate to a 'needy' fund, and that fund is used to help those in need to get help for their dogs. My vet has such a slush fund, and she decides who get help and how much of the fund they get to use, plus she doesn't charge for her labor...just for supplies used and 'stay over' time, if the pet needs to stay at the clinic for a few days or more.

Talk to some vets and tell them how much money you have at this point in time to put down on a bill...and how much you can pay monthly.
If you are waiting on workman's comp...has there been a time set yet for a determination, and does your lawyer think the outcome will be a positive one?

IF you get a vet that will work with NOT miss a payment and pay off the whole bill no matter what happens with the dog. Hopefully, it's a non cancerous tumor, but if not and the dog has to be put to sleep...that is not 'permission' to just skip out on the bill...because if you ever get another dog, and you did what you promised as far as paying the bill, you now have a vet who will trust you and work with you and that's worth a fortune now days.

But yeah, get on the phone and start calling vets, and animal organizations and see if anyone will take payments or offer to donate a little bit towards the cause.

And if you still have any 'luxuries' you don't need...such as cable/dish tv channels or digital subscriptions like Spotfy, Hulu, Netflix..etc...get rid of them until you get your workman's comp. This free up some funds to help you get by.

I went through the workman's comp and disability stuff, when I was hurt and ended up in a wheelchair for 4 months, and came out of the wheelchair unable to go back to work. About 2 weeks after I was in the wheelchair...(the first week I was drugged to the gills with painkillers and couldn't think about such things)...I cancelled my DISH subscription, my Audible book subscription and dropped HULU. This saved me about $140 a month.

It took me about a year to collect on my Workman's comp and almost 2 years to get accepted onto Disability...even though I had MRI's and a 2 inch medical file showing my injuries.
There were times I ate ramen noodles quite often in order to save money to make a vet payment. I had some people who offered to help me too, with a large vet bill, it would have taken me a few years to pay it off, if not for that help.

If you have family or friends who would normally get you and or you son birthday gifts or anything like that, ask instead for help with a bill payment. If you son is older than age 6, explain that helping the dog is more important than getting him some $30.00 toy, and instead treat him to a Burger King meal instead, or some other inexpensive birthday gift and put most of the money towards your dog.

I would rather get a $5 contribution to my vet bill from a family member, than a $20.00 birthday gift from them in like a bottle of perfume, or a birthday cake, et...

I absolutely know there are some people who will not give up their t.v. shows or their computer, or cellphone subscriptions in order to put $100s of dollars on a vet bill.

But I always felt that when I took in a dog, that was my choice, not the dog's choice to be with me...and I must sacrifice what ever I can in order to care for that dog. I can live without all my t.v. and computer shows, but my dog might not live if medical treatment can't be had on a timely basis.

I hope you can get that tumor taken care of for your dog, and that it's not a cancerous one. But as someone hear said, at least find the means to have it diagnosed and then go from there.

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