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Hello all I'm new to the forum my name is Josh. My dog Leo about 2 months ago got a growth on his back and it continues to grow and is close to his spine now. I would like to take him to the vet but I honestly don't have the funds right now. From what I seen online it could be a cancerous or non cancerous tumor. Surgeries usually cost $2500 for this which I don't have right now. I am in the New Orleans area does anyone know where I could take him or what to do in this situation.
HOLY HELL.... Dude, FFS, take the dog to a vet!

Even if you can't pay for it, at least your dog deserves to be cared for. Leave him at the vet if you must (the vet may be able to place him). Take a loan, ask people for help, do a "fund me" thing.... Isn't that what Americans do when they need medical help?

For CHRIST'S sake, you can't just let the dog die because you're short on cash! What kind of a truck do you have? I bet selling it would pay for this!

Uhhhggggghhh. Whatever happens to this dog, do NOT take a new one! If you can't afford to care for it then your responsibility is to NOT put another dog in that situation!
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