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My dog goes bathroom on the carpet but will go on the pee pad on hardwood floor

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I am alittle confused at this. My dog will pee and poop on a mat when its sitting on a hard surface but will continue to go to the bathroom on the carpet even though there is a mat in the area. I dont know how to curb this.
Carpet is new to her, as the place we had before was all tile & hardwood but now there is carpet on one level of our home. Any suggestions ??!
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Carpet and pads are both soft and textured. Can you get rid of the pee pads altogether and train her to go only outside, using crate training?
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Just from some common sense.. going potty on a hard floor means that she probably dirties herself.. pee splash.. etc. Going potty on a carpet is almost like going on grass outside.. absorbent, not as much mess. You say it's a dog not a puppy, is there no way to train her to potty outside where she should be doing her business?
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