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So I am dogsitting a dog. Same thing. Doesnt act like a dog. Follows me from room to room. Doesnt bark or play and barely wags his tail. 3 or 4 and sleeps alot. Hates his dogfood so they told me to give him people food. Doesnt like hugs, feet even kisses. My daughter says he is broken. I believe her. He doesnt wven beg at the door but get excited to go potty when we ask him to go to out. Then stands there, pees then goes in. I believe he is truly broken. This isnt a dog. This is a broken dog. I dont understand why.
As you are only dogsitting, it probably isn't a major issue but I'd guess he is quite anxious and a bit shut down. How long is he going to be with you?
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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