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My dog has recently been diagnosed with colitis. She has had two quite serious bouts with it and some minor ones thrown in. She has seen two vets (both with excellent reputations) and the treatment suggested has been the same:
1. Short Term.....Treated with medication...can't remember the name but starts with M and is what most dogs seem to take for intestinal problems.

2. Long changed to W/D with probotics mixed into morning meal

She is doing remarkably well, but I have a question about so many posts being highly critical of the Prescription Diets. My dog does beautifully on W/D. All my earlier dogs have been on one kind of Rx diet or another: T/D, K/D, H/D and I/D and all have done well.

I cannot imagine that good vets would prescribe a dog food that is inferior in quality and not healthy for dogs.

I would appreciate hearing posters' reasons for their objections to Rx diets and why they believe that the W/D is harmful to my dog.

1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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