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My dog can only breath through one nostril

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My Alaskan Shepherd started having seizures about a year ago. We have it under control with meds from the vet, but about a month ago he had a set of cluster seizures when I went out of town (he still got his meds but I was out of town for about 3 weeks and he starts to get anxiety I think). After the seizures he had a bloody nose, which the vet said wasn't uncommon after significant seizures. He only bled from one nostril and now he can't breath out of that nostril. I assume there's swelling from whatever caused him to start bleeding, but each morning he wakes up with dried blood on his nose. This has been going on for about a week now, and apparently it's pretty stressful for a dog when his nose isn't working right because of how important it is to them. Have any of you seen or dealt with something like this? Anyone here know if it will just sort itself out after awhile? I don't really want to go to the vet again just for them to tell me there's nothing wrong with him.
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I would just call the vet and ask about it.
Anytime there is bleeding (or other discharge) from only one nostril, I think the concern is that there is something anatomical (a growth, foreign body, or other) causing the symptoms. I would follow up with the vet, particularly since it has persisted over multiple days and now seems to have progressed to limiting air flow through that nostril. Hopefully it is no big deal, but if not, better to catch it before it progresses further.
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I can understand, anything that might compromise a dogs ability to use its nose would be very traumatic for them, since their main way of interpreting their world is via their nose. We can only guess at possible causes, but your Vet should be able to be more definitive. I would suggest contacting him or her.
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