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This is something she has started with very recently.
My Jack Russell girl, Noelle has started "biting" other dogs when they get close to me, and I have no idea why. It started with just my sister's Tibetan Spaniel (they're best friends, still are after she started this behavior) Whenever he walked up to me to cuddle, she would jump in and "bite" him. Although she doesn't really "bite", she kinda just marks in the air near him. Later she started to do it with most dogs, especially larger dogs, she will jump up as high as she can and "bite" them in their nose.
She's got her tail between her legs and ears back when she does it though, so it looks like she's nervous or unsure about something.
It would be one thing if she only did it with dogs she has never met before, but it started with her best buddy, why?
She's not normally aggressive or anything

I hope someone has an explanation for her behavior, and an example for how to fix it, because I don't want her to get hurt if she does it to an aggressive dog
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