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Hello everybody,
I am new to and wanted to see if anybody out there has experienced a dog with a legitimate foot fetish. I have a Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Lilly who is about 1.5 years old now. She is extremely smart and adorable, but ever since she got comfortable with my family and I, she has always LOVED getting pet by our feet. She will sit at our feet and nudge them, and eventually give a little yip so we can give her "foot pets". I do not find it to be a problem, and I find it pretty funny, but I was wondering if anybody has experienced the same with another dog or knows what the reasoning for her love of feet may be.

Thank you!
-Thomas in Minnesota

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2-way communication: the power of Sit as 'pretty-please'

... because unlike hands, feet are accessible, they're at Corgi level, & they're not "busy" - humans handle things, parrots beakle things, chimps can footle things.

Personally, i'd put this behavior on cue: tell the dog to roll over belly-up for pets from one's foot, & don't respond to obnoxious barks, nudges, or other demands.
The dog can *ASK* but not "demand" & get petted. // Make a habit of putting feet out of reach, on a hassock, curled under U on the chair, on the sofa rather than on the floor, etc. ;)

To give the dog a way to say please:
- teach the dog that SIT is the coin of the realm; SIT buys everything.
- ask for a SIT b4 the dog gets anything: the bowl down, the door opened, the leash on, ______ .
- the more opps U give the dog to sit-for-X, the sooner the penny will drop. give the dog many, many chances to sit-for-X over the day.
- be prepared for the dog to OFFER an un-cued, precise, often eyes-on-eyes -sit-.
That's their 1st 'pretty please, may I?' - unless it's literally life-threatening, try to SAY YES.
If U don't give whatever it is, the dog will have to conclude they misunderstood, & that sit means nothing. :(
They may never try again.

I love to see dogs out in public, who clearly grok 'sit' & use it to communicate; i see them all the time, a dog will pause, SIT beside a particular bin of cow-hooves or bones or toys, looking attentively at the handler's face, tail waving slowly, eyebrows lifted - every hair on their body is asking, "Please, may i have this?"
It always makes me laugh out-loud & smile. :D

BTW, most fetishes refer to sexual infatuations or conflations - the object or a body-part is substituted for a sexual partner. // I've known a few Corgis whose obsession was humping feet, especially when the person's legs were crossed & the suspended foot thus at a convenient height. So far, all these dogs have been male [not every foot-fetish dog was a Corgi; there were also Bassets, a mini-Poodle, a Lhasa, etc].
I'm glad Ur dog simply wants to be petted. :)

- terry

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