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My Coonhound has bleeding gums

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:ponder:I have a 5 year old Black and tan coonhound and off and on, for about a week now, his gums sometimes bleed. At this age do they still loose teeth and get new ones. Could he still be teething? It doesn't seem to be bothering him but my wife is concerned. Anybody have any thoughts on this issue?
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I would suggest a vet visit. It is not normal to have bleeding gums and loose teeth. This condition can lead to a tooth root abcess which is very painful.
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They should have all there adult teeth at 5 years old. I would take him to vet as agility collie mom said gum bleeding is not normal. I could be that your dog needs a teeth cleaning or it could be something else.
Has your dog been chewing on anything hard like bones or hard plastic toys? Do they look swollen?
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