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Some backstory: I adopted my hound, Copper, over a year ago. He was 4, now 5 and was an abandoned hunting dog. Lived outside his entire life, generally not well cared for.

He is chronically ill with several known conditions including over 20 allergies (both environmental and food) and hypothyroidism. Which has given rise to chronic yeast infections, dermatitis and hair loss. He’s an itchy, red, mess. And is on 7 or so pills a day for those two things. That is a whole other issue I’ve been trying to fix unsuccessfully for a year.

he has recently lost his appetite. He used to come running at the sound of the food bowl. He has been on many different kibbles in the last year trying to find one that would help his skin and he wouldn’t break out in hives from.We landed on Royal Canin Ultamino and for a time things were good. He was eating good and was looking to be on the mend.

until one day he started not finishing his food. And then just picking at it now a month down the line. Though the was bored of the food so we switched his food about four times in the lasttwo months. As a few foods he reacted very badly too. Landed on another hydrolyzed protein. Wont touch it. For days. Will eat it if starving only. Switching to Farminia white fish. Same deal. Mixed with Zignature salmon wet food even.

His breakfast is grass he eats from the yard. Will take greenies and some of his favorite vegetables towards the evening but wants nothing in the morning. Making it very hard to get him to take his pills.

got blood work on him as well as urinalysis both of which are fine. Only condition he has going on is the chronic rashes and hair loss. We’re getting a skin culture done tommorow and getting into a vet derm in August.

anyone ever have a similar situation? I cooked him rice, Whiting fish and carrots for dinner tonight and all he wanted was the carrots. I’m at a loss with him. He’smy boy and I pour money into his health he just needs to eat for me.

Poor man. :( It's heartbreaking seeing them suffer, isn't it?

Has he been to the vet since he stopped eating? If not, that would be my next port of call., especially given his medical problems.
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