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My adult dog still has frequent accidents...

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Hello everybody,

I'm finally at that place of desperation where I need to turn to anyone and everyone to help me with this ongoing house training issue.

I have a four-year-old Papillon who is six pounds, equal parts sweetheart and goofball.

When I first got him at four months old I followed the usual house training protocol and things started out great! He got the concept fairly quickly and would whine and/or wait by the door when he needed to go out.

As he got a little older however he started having accidents regularly. He'd sneak away when I turned my back and pee or poop somewhere.

He'd go through periods where he wouldn't have an accident in days or even weeks but then have times where he'd have three or four accidents within the same day!

I moved to a different home this year where the rules are stricter regarding dogs. He still has frequent accidents and the homeowners are getting edgy. I'm also at the end of my wick because I'm tired of constantly cleaning up poop and pee as well as smelling it.

He only has accidents when I'm not looking or paying attention. Most of his accidents happen while I'm sleeping at night or if I leave him in my room to grab something from another room.

I have tried just about everything I can think of to resolve this issue. I do take him out every two to three hours when I'm home. I do wake up in the middle of the night so he can go. I do stop by the house between jobs to take him out. I do reward him for doing his business outside.

He does have a crate and he will use it, however he also has no qualms about peeing in his crate and sitting in it for the day warranting yet another bath when I get home.

I'm out of ideas. I hope someone can share some advice to help me solve this problem once and for all.

Thank you!
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I would first make sure he doesn't have a medical issue like a UTI. Then start taking him out more often, treat him like a puppy. Every half hour or hour. Crated/penned or teathered to you if you can not keep a close eye on him. Only after he does him business outside do you give him some freedom. Also is he neutered? Could he be marking? Make sure to use an enzyme based cleaner to clean up his accidents and clean them up well or he will just keep going back to those spots. At night and when you are out you could put him in a pen, instead of a crate. That way if he does pee he doesn't have to sit in it. Remember to treat and praise like crazy when he does go outside. I still randomly treat Freyja when she goes outside, and she is over a year old. I just want to keep reinforcing it.
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