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Recently my dog Max has been diagnosed with Anemia. He is at 16% out of what I think is supposed to be over 30% blood count. He is lethargic but seems to be improving and wants to go on walks and also eats normally. He started not wanting to run around 2 months ago (4 months ago he was perfectly fine and ran in the fields). The vet doesn't know what is causing the Anemia. He has already done tests for parasites, tumours, and tested negative for IMHA (i think that's what its called).

However, he is currently doing a blood smear along with some tests to make sure the test for IMHA was not a false negative.

So right now we have no clue what is causing the anemia.

His feces are black and tarry but I think that may be because of eating liver and not because of bleeding in the digestive system (since he has done tests for parasites and worms etc). We are currently giving him lots of beef, chicken, some chicken liver, but the vet recommended to not give too much liver because he is not yet sure what is causing the anemia, so he wants us to hold off on too many vitamins and other healthy supplements.

What can I do to help him? It seems like most dogs with anemia refuse to eat, but my dog loves eating (i think he eats too much) and also wants to go on walks (we have to carry him back because he wants to keep walking, but the vet said to just let him rest and avoid going on long walks). He has regained some health since 2 weeks ago and his blood count increased by a very small amount after a 2nd blood test.

He had a vaccine last week so I think that may also be part of the reason he is sick. Aside from eating and walking, he just sleeps on the couch.

Also, he suddenly is showing signs of blindness (he has never shown any signs before) and when we went to the vet, he was walking into walls and things. Can this be connected to his anemia or the vaccine?

The vet thinks he may have bleeding somewhere or he has IMHA (which is why he is redoing the test). The two choices are to continue testing with ultrasounds which could cost thousands and not find the problem, or to just put him a steroid and suppressants like prednisone and see what happens.

I have read online and it seems some dogs live past this and some do not. What should I do??? Please HELP!
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