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Stop the barking

Must I stop the barking?

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I’m a first time dogowner with a Dachs-mix. She never barks outside, only when she’s inside noticing someone passing the house or when there is people coming to the door. When people stands outside on the street she will stop when I come to the windows and calmly look. When there is people at the door she stops as soon as I open the door.

Do you think I can let her continue do this barking? I love the sound of her barking - she has such a deep and good bark for her size, and I also think it’s nice to let her keep this trait.

On the other hand, it seems on all the vidoes on dog-handling I watch that barking is something unwanted or at least something you should learn to control.

Any thoughts?
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It's up to you. What people want to stop is usually nuisance barking, where it annoys them, or their neighbours. If your dog stops when you want her to, i.e. when you open the door or come to the window, I'd say that's fine if it suits you.
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