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Hi all, I am looking for dog lovers support from around the world!

Please would you kindly be willing to support the following by signing the online petition? 100,000 signatures are needed for the proposed changes to be discussed in parliament.

We are calling upon the government of the United Kingdom to implement an independent dog registration database as legal requirement to aid in the protection and welfare of all breeding stock and puppies born within the UK, and that anyone creating a litter of puppies shall be called a "breeder". We also believe that this scheme would generate enough income for the government to police and control said proposals.
We therefore are asking for the following points to be taken into consideration which will enable any dog to have a permanent traceable history. Thus encouraging responsible breeding and appropriate welfare.

1. Every puppy born within the UK to be registered on database with Original breeders/owners details, A permanent form of identification, i.e. Microchip/tattoo number and parental DNA before any dog/puppy leaves breeder/owner(s) premises. At breeders/ owner(s) expense.

2. Change of ownership to be registered every time the dog/puppy is passed/sold on. or moves premises.

3. Breeding bitches to have a maximum of one litter within a twelve month period

4. Notification of deceased animal

5. Fixed penalties for anyone who is in possession of dogs without relevant documentation.

. It seems like a hard task, but if everyone pulls together it is achievable.

You can view, sign & comment on the petition by clicking the following link.

Looking forward to your valuable support! It only takes a few seconds!! xxx
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