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I very recently purchased Synovi-G3, an expensive joint health product (chews) from my vet. WHen I got home I read ALL the ingredients and saw it contained MSG /Hydrogenated Vegetable protein! I should have known from the very strong beef boullion smell. Needless to say I am sending them back. I called the vet, she was rather surprised, and said she would talk with the rep.

There is so much documented evidence on the extreme health hazzards that the excitotoxin MSG can cause, in humans and animals...blindness, brain lesions, heart attack and stroke, diabetes, cancer to name a few.

Yesterday while searching the net for good, natural dog supplements I came upon several other products that contain MSG...PNP Multi Vitamins and CET Enzymatic Chews.

Sadly it seems that many of our pet products are loaded with this harmful excitotoxin.
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