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Moving Soon- Potential Breed Issues

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Hello, I am moving into an apartment in July and have already signed the paperwork and paid the security deposit. On the paperwork, I filled out my dog's breed as Corgi Jack Russel Mix. Today I got an email saying that I need to provide a picture of her as well as vet records stating her breed.

I was able to change her vet records to say Corgi Jack Russel. Honestly she is a mutt but does have some pit bull in her. They have a very strict no bully breed bully mix policy. I have attached a picture of her and I am wondering what you think. Does she look at all pit bull? I just don't want any questions to come up about her breed on moving day.



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Gosh, what a bind to be in! If this apartment complex decides your dog doesn't meet their standards of acceptability, they can give back your deposit and cancel your contract!! I have to say that--and I am NOT an expert--I do see something like Pit Bull in your little dog, but she is a LITTLE and nonthreatening dog, so I wouldn't think anyone could take exception to her. She looks quite nonthreatening!
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