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Moving from tropics to cold weather with a senior dog who has arthritis

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Hello everyone,
i'm moving from the tropics to cold Canadian weather with my senior dog who has arthritis. She was born in the tropics. It's not something I like doing but no choice. one of my questions is: what temperature should I keep the apt in the winter so that she is comfy.
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You are welcome. Since you are moving to Canada, I suggest speaking with your new vet about CBD oil which is totally legal in Canada. It helps many dogs, but not all.
yes it is something I thought about. 1 of tabs she is currently on is Tramadol, and I read that it's not compatible with CBD Oil so I will have to discuss with the vet. Thank you
I hope the move goes well for you and for your dog. I know someone who made a similar move with a similarly arthritic dog. The cold actually helped the dog! The little thing is apparently more active in the colder north than in the warmer south.
i really do hope it helps her.. it pains me to put her thru it as it will be a major adjustment for her.
You could also try a heated bed for her. They also make self-warming beds that helps maintain body heat.
i was thinking of a sheepskin rug...some humans have said it helped with their arthritis...i will look into the self-warming beds as well. thank you
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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