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Hershe (Undetermined Mix), Crickette (Undetermined Mix), 3 cats and various small animals.
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We resuced a black and white dog from a shelter about eight years ago, and we were told Siberian Husky / Border Collie mix. He was around a year and a half and weighed 40 pounds having a more lean husky look to him. Every year when he got weighed it showed he filled out his frame, we used to say he was fat, though now he looks stocky vs chunky.

Our problem is, he now weighs 70 pounds and stands at 22 inches at the shoulders, his ears are semi cocked and hairy, his muzzle isn't pointed, and he has a double coat with soft undercoat and weather proof topcoat. From what we've found, this build and fur isn't possible with a border husky mix.

We've considered a lot of breeds including Karelian Bear Dog, Akita, Norwegian Elkhound, Malamute, Siberian Husky, and of course Border Collie. (Even had to look into Chow Chows to see if there's any chance he could have that in him)

Temperament wise he's quite a protective dog. He's super gentle with the family, but will bark (and sometimes lunge) at anyone who walks by, whether he's inside the house or on a walk. He doesn't mind dogs as long as they stay away or don't approach him. He has a huge prey drive, even going so far as digging up moles and mice from their tunnels and chasing groundhogs under a barn. Yes, he also has anxiety, both generally and separation based (getting anxious when me or my mom leaves or the whole family). He's a vocal dog, whining and growling when he wants something from us. And he is super intelligent! Mind blowingly so, he understand our small body cues for even the most mundane thing and he has a different growl-whine-tap dance combination for different needs. Bonus fact, when he alart barks his front feet bounce off the ground.

I included the photo of him (right) recently after adoption to show how much he's changed to help bring attention to underweight dogs being misidentified. (It happened to the corgi mix on the left as well, who was called a pure dachshund)
Angel (left) 25 pounds. Hershe (right) 40 pounds.

I've included a photo of his post-bath coat with no towel drying done in the off chance it helps with guesses.
Hershe's fur post-bath, no towel drying only a few minutes of sunning.

I've included photos of his tongue since we're commonly asked if it's purple for a chow mix.
Hershe's tongue, no purple!

Hershe standing, excited position.

His head profile shape.
Side view of Hershe's head.

Hershe looking up and over from a laying position.

Not the best photo, but shows his standing stature and relaxed positions.
Hershe standing, height is 22 inches.

Sorry for the long post, I'm just curious to see what all you fellow dog owners/lovers think he has in him. We know he's a mix and love him for who he is, it's just fun determining what might be in his mixing pot of genes (plus it helps narrow down what health concerns we should watch for).

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Does he maybe have kelpie (australian kelpie, not the sea monster lol ;) ) in him?
Honestly though, as far as health concerns, most shelter dogs are mixes whose parents, grandparents, and great grandparents are mixes. He could have a hundred different breeds in him. It's possible, for instance, that his grandfather was half maltese, and, while it didn't go into his appearance, he inherited the maltese gene for gut health. Or perhaps his great-grandmother was a poodle, and he inherited their lifespan. Point is, beyond the breed traits that are physically visible, he could have just about any breed in him- anyway, what I see is australian kelpie. But that could just be me
Nice dog btw, he looks sweet
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