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hey all :)

we have adopted a new dog (8 months years old, 10 kg) very very very scared from everything and mostly from her leash! its almost impossible to go out with her (we need to take her on our hands and she probably sits when we put her for the rest of the walk)
therefore we've got a recommendation for a behavior vet that said the she has a very deep anxiety problem and he gave a one tablet of Mirtazapine 30mg for a day.

we do see any improvement at home such as a wagging tail or she tries to bark but not successfully so far and she is walking more than before inside the house.... outside its still a disaster...

we do care about her and we wont give up :)
she is taking the pills for a week now

the question is how long its taking that medicine to take effect? is one week its a good period or its should take a bit more to take effect?
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