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A couple of month back my mom noticed some hair loss on my dog right hindleg. At first I dismissed as it look like a scratch, being a recently adopted dog I thought that perhaps it was the result from a fight during his time on the streets.

Fast forward to two weeks ago, I noticed the area has even less hair and see some eschar. Next day I take her to a vet and tells me that perhaps he's missing fatty oils in his diets, arguing that the dog's hair seems to be thinning on all areas (something my mom noticed too) and the dog was losing hair in a somewhat worrisome fashion (you could pick anywhere in his coat with the minimum force and your hand would come out full of hair). She tells me she would order some supplements for the dog.

Now fast forward last week's Wednesday, I noticed that some hair is starting to grow in the affected are, and the skin seems to be somewhat in better conditions, however, I make a horrific find while petting him; on his left side, I feel two areas with many, many bumps. One in his left flank (imagine a lotus flower but inside out) with palpable inflammation and another smaller area in his left hindleg. This is when I decided to do something and the next day I bought isodine and miconazole to clean the areas with some gauzes.

On friday I took him to the vet again, she made a skin scrap and found no mites or parasites and told me to come the next day to get some shampoo (chlorhexidine 2%) and another substance which she told me to dilute in a liter of water (don't know the name, is white and has a really REALLY strong smell). I have to bathe him 2 times a week, starting yesterday. I decided to stop using the isodine, but continue to use miconazole.

I want to mention that by this point, his original injury was basically gone, but it hasn't been completely cover hair yet, and still feel some bumps near the area.

Today in the morning I checked the areas and other than the reduced swelling in the flank area, they appear the same. I applied some miconazole

I checked a couple of hours later and his left leg looks in really bad shape, and licks his left injuries a lot.

We have an appoinment tomorrow to take some samples for culture, but I feel really nervous

This is the one on his left leg

There are from this left flank, I'm not sure if it can be seen but there's these yellow scab like things on all of the area.

Other details that may be important:
1.- I've noticed some small mosquitoes near his injuries, I've managed to kill one and was filled with blood (pretty sure it was from my dog). I live in northern mexico in a really arid and dry area, there aren't any kind of water bodies near my house
2.- Some red pimples are starting to appear on his right inner thigh, and I think I saw one on his penis sack


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