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Might as well say hello

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Sounds friendly doesn't it? But don't judge a book by its cover I am actually quite friendly.

Anyways my name is Ashley, I typically go by Ash and when serving in the military [three years with a national shooting team] it was the nickname of Asp (don't ask), and I am a 28 going on 29 year old woman.

My first dog was when I was 11 years old, living in Germany with relatives [my family is mostly European / UK, only a handful call north America home], was an 2 year old Wolfsspitz [Keeshond] called Yu [as in YOU]. Had him for 2 years before he unfortunately passed due to aggressive stomach cancer [from what I know now, it's common in some bloodlines].

My second dog came years later - well, not really, mum inherited 300 acres from her father so we all moved back to NA and had plenty of farm dogs, none of which were really mine.

Fina, was a "white" Rough Collie (I say that because aside from missing papers, she could have passed for a pure blood) I found when living in one of the Nordic countries soon after finishing university [graduated early at 18, overload of courses and decided to skip out & travel rather than start work]. She had apparently been overlooked by what would be the a dog catcher and was hiding in the alleyway between the building I was renting an apartment from and the local café. It took more than a week of coaxing, by myself and a few people I had met at the café [I had been sitting at a table months before and laughed at one of the guys' comments when he made some remark about the government I agreed on], until one of us finally got our mitts on this flea-bitten underweight runt of a dog with one chewed ear & a tail broken in a weird shape somewhere between a C and an L.

Andreas, who helped capture her, said she was mine as it was my "brilliant" idea to "con" them [still friends with these guys, Andreas a bit more nowadays] into helping. So I kept her. For 7 years Fina was my constant companion, my travel buddy, my unjudging friend when lamenting and ear to listen to frustrations, and sounding board for some rather ridiculous ideas. She was also a genius in disguise - aside from being capable of weaseling into the toughest of hearts [my uncle does not like dogs, however, he liked Fina] - she could let herself out of her locked crate, she could figure out how to work doors regardless of them being rounded knobs or not, and for the longest time she escaped the fenced off backyard [turned out she was using pieces of the old fence propped up behind the garage to go up & over the fence and just jump down].

It was two years ago, during the Labour Day weekend here in Canada, that Fina was unfortunately run over. An older dog and partially deaf she was struck and killed on the country lane that she had patrolled for most of her life since coming to Canada. No doubt think us neglectful as regardless of our attempts to keep her off it, she didn't listen nor obey & oftentimes escaped - however, she was "street smart" as it was a common sight to our neighbors [and ourselves - you won't believe how many times I'd be driving up to the turn off for the farm to see this goofy looking white dog standing by the roadway wagging her tail the entire time I am driving up - you could scold her all you'd like, she'd be at it again a few days later] to see her watching them go down the country back lanes before crossing the road.

So you're probably wondering why I joined. Simply put, I am moving again due to work and this time it'll be one of the few times I am moving to a city [most of my work has put me working from home or contract work for a few months at most] and I am wanting a companion.

So at some point I'll be asking for suggestions. And also I'd like to offer my knowledge to those less experienced with dogs.

Forgot to add, right now I am babysitting the farm while my parents are in Europe so that includes their Dane/Cane Corso pound puppy Pascal. 3 years old, thinks he is 4 months old and is a "small lapdog" that tries to sit comfortably on your lap. At roughly 68kgs or 150lbs my lap begs to differ.
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