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Hello everyone, its been a minute!

In my absence I managed to acquire two pet mice who i was informed are both female. Now I've never owned mice before, and while I know tons about dog body language mice are new territory for me.

So the bigger one is white, her name is Zaba. The smaller one is grey, her name is Toro. The person I got them from doesnt know much about them and got them from Petco and they lived with lots of other mice, so I dont know if theyre from the same litter or how well acquainted they really were.

The issue I'm having is some reason Zaba keeps attacking Toro every time she's wandering around the cage, inevitably chasing her back into the hide. Before she "attacks" (no blood drawn so far), she does this weird thing where she'll obsessively and rudely sniff at and rub herself against Toro's body. She seems to like to sniff her backside the most and keeps trying to grab her but I don't know if she's actually hurting her and using her teeth or if she's just scaring her. Either way Toro squeaks like she's being hurt.

I'm not sure why she's doing this and I can't tell if she's trying to mount her or what? I'm fairly certain they're both female. They have three hides but they decided to share one of them and sleep together in it so obviously they can't hate each other ? I put rolled up tissue paper in there and they shredded it up and made a nest sort of thing in their hide and they both sleep in it and snuggle together.

Other things just for the sake of information since I have no idea what to even make of it, Zaba is the larger one, seems like she might be older, and she's way more active, and way more confident seeming. She's out of the hide most times running on the wheel or exploring while Toro sleeps most of the time.

They came from the same exact place but Zaba doesn't seem nearly as skittish of hands, will sniff and climb halfway onto my hand, is way easier to catch and hold, and willingly takes food from me / nibbles almond butter off my fingers. Toro on the other hand will hide if i even go to open the top of the cage, and won't get anywhere near my hand. She really wanted the almond butter but i had to scrape some onto the hide for her to feel safe enough to eat it and refused to eat it from my finger.

Their enclosure used to be a small sized kaytee mouse cage, but when I noticed them fighting I upgraded immediately to a large tank that used to belong to a lizard. It's plenty spacious for two mice, and I'm planning on building a platform to put in it so it's two levels.

SO my questions are

1) Is this normal? Will they stop?
2) Why is Zaba doing this? Some kind of pecking order? Is she in heat? Is she territorial?
3) Should I separate them? I know you're supposed to have two mice so they don't get depressed which is why I even got two of them, so I'm hesitant to split them up and would rather work out how to get them to get along. Is it possible Zaba is just antisocial?
4) Would getting a third one potentially level it out or calm the situation down?
5) And my biggest fear, could one of them actually be male? I do notice that Zaba seems to walk differently, her tail is generally sort of sticking up in the air and she is larger, but I'm also not sure how old they are or how to tell their age by how they look. Zaba doesnt seem to have male parts though, not obviously anyway. I really don't want mouse babies though.

THANK YOU I'm sorry this is so much I'm just a concerned mouse parent that wants the best for her mouse children.

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I have no idea about mice, other than that 9/10 when someone says they're both the same gender, it is almost never true. :p As a kid, my sister and I got two "male" hamsters, and woke up to babies. -.-

This has a little bit of info (and dear lord so many pictures) of how to sex mice. It sounds like you might now be able to get Toro, but hopefully you can look at Zaba.
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