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This year has started out so very awful for my daughter Heather. Her 14-year-old soulmate Mel (cattle dog/border collie mix) left this world on New Year's Day. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor at the beginning of October 2021. She was doing pretty good until a woman's two dogs that were walking off leash attacked poor Mel. Mel underwent surgery to wounds to her right hind leg that basically left no skin. She was healing very well, and things were looking up until New Year's Eve. Then this occurred
To everyone who sent their love and prayers to Heather and Mel we are so very grateful. Unfortunately, Mel started to have cluster seizures yesterday and try as they might the ER could not stop them. Heather had to say goodbye this morning. Her soulmate and adventure partner will no longer be in pain. Heather gave her a final gift freedom which is the hardest thing she will ever have to do...Goodbye sweet Mel thank you for taking care of our girl.
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So sorry for your loss.

It seems you're having a really bad start t0 2022. :(
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