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Members please familiarize yourself with the rules.

As per rule #14
The forum is not a replacement for a veterinarian.
The forum can be a great place to discuss tips or look for support but it is not a replacement for a veterinarian. Only a vet can diagnose and prescribe medications for your pet. Not only are very few members actually qualified to do so, but doing so over the internet without seeing the animal in person is unsafe. Members please do not diagnose or prescribe via the forum. For safety and legality reasons people need to be going to a veterinarian.
Please do not post looking for an emergency diagnosis from us. If you feel you urgently need an answer that can't wait until tomorrow...then its probably an emergency.

We are not vets, and even if we were it would be seriously reckless for us to give out advice over the internet without seeing the dog in person. Members responding please be cautious not to diagnose or prescribe! That is the job of the animal's veterinarian.

If you can't get to a vet or your vet is closed...CALL ANY VET SOMEWHERE. Call the moon if you need to. Explain to them you need help and you are too far away. If they wont/can't help you go down the list and call another vet. You will eventually get someone that will/can help you. There is a vet open somewhere in the country 24/7 if you have the internet you can find a vet that is open to call.

If the reason you are here rather than seeking the help of a veterinarian is financial then please see:

This forum is a great resource for discussing health issues that have already been diagnosed by your vet. Once your dog has been seen in person, by a pro its a whole different ball game and we'd love to help you troubleshoot. :)

If you are ever ever feel your dog might be in serious trouble (or even if your unsure) a call to a vet can never hurt... and a trip to the Emergency vet might just save your furkid.

Keep in mind the position of the established members on this forum, what if we say your dog is "probably fine, skip the vet and save som' $$$" and we are wrong and your dog dies?

So yes, when in doubt...see a vet. :)

oh yah, and we demand followups!

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