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It’s a warm August day and Sophie, a 105-pound Bull Mastiff, is alert and full of energy.

Sophie runs and jumps across eight acres of a lush Maine backyard under the watchful eye of her owner, Keri St. Peter. The property is nothing short of a dog heaven. The sun is high and hot, and the green blades of grass offer easy footing and an earthy place to lounge.
First bred in the 1800s in England, Bull Mastiffs are nicknamed the “game keepers of the night” and were bred to protect estates from poachers by barking, chasing and pinning an intruder down until the estate holder would arrive. But if they can do the minimal amount of work—just barking—they usually opt for it.

“They are big, giant couch potatoes,” says St. Peter, “but they are very intelligent—you just have to know what to do to motivate them.”

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