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Maximum CBD oil dosage per 24 hours

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I have a 9 year old Maltese who is scared of thunder and lightning. We give her 1ml CBD oil when we hear the Thunder and it does calm her down. Unfortunately we have had nearly 3 days of Storms so there is Thunder every now and then. I gave her 1ml and then again another dose 8 hours later and repeated this, but the problem is the CBD oil wears off before the 8 hours is up, so can I give her more doses. I dont want to overdose and my wife was already worried about my 3 doses per 24 hours.

Anyone know what the max would be per 24hours. She weighs about 12lbs so the 1ml is about right for that weight and the supplier does not say much more than that.


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As stated above, "one ml of CBD" is not a measurement of how much CBD you are dispensing. You have to take note of how much CBD is in each ml and let that be your guide, because there are widely varying concentrations of CBD oil.
Another good brand of CBD oil, one I use myself for me and my dog when needed, is Global Xtracts. It comes in various concentrations. Less is always better, so I use the minimum amount that has any effect, but it is true that it would be hard to really overdose on it.
Actually most if not all of the CBD sellers on the internet are the manufacturers themselves. At least in the USA. All of the social media platforms prohibit CBD sales/advertising. Paypal will ban any seller for life who uses Paypal to make sales of CBD, . Credit card companies will not give merchant accounts to anyone selling CBD online. You cannot advertise CBD products anywhere on the web. Google ads, will not allow CBD and will ban you if they catch you. I know this because i tried to get into the business. I had to get a high risk merchant account for CBD, with transaction fees three times the normal. and could not find anywhere to advertise. This is why only the manufacturers are able to make it online. Online stores have no chance. There is somewhere between 6 and 10 American manufacturers selling direct to the public online. They all have inspection certificates for potency and purity on their web sites. Amazon carries brands no one has ever heard of before. So yes, ask for their inspection certificates, but there are plenty on the net that do have them. I just sold my entire inventory for 10% below my cost to liquidate it. It was the Pet Releaf brand, which was one of the first five in the USA.
This is confusing to me.
Those things are true of THC products, because those products are not legal across all states in the US. But this is not true of CBD products that do not contain THC, which are sold online every day and you can pay for them with a credit card. There are hundreds of companies selling CBD products (that do not contain THC) on the internet, and you can find them through Google searches that will list all the websites where these products are sold. I am wondering how your statements could be true when anyone can order CBD oil online any day. I've done it, and other people I know do it, and there is no problem. Can you explain how this works in light of your statements about it?
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This has nothing to do with THC. Or whats legal. The credit card companies consider it a product that has unproven claims and is afraid people who buy it would ask for their money back...a high level of chargebacks. Thats why it is considered a high risk market, Brick and mortar stores are less scrutinized and the credit card companies could care less about them. Its actually the same with many vitamin/supplements and things like that. Its hard sometimes to advertise those products as well.
OK......but you say in your previous post :

"All of the social media platforms prohibit CBD sales/advertising. Paypal will ban any seller for life who uses Paypal to make sales of CBD, . Credit card companies will not give merchant accounts to anyone selling CBD online. You cannot advertise CBD products anywhere on the web. "

But, you can find CBD advertised on facebook. (social media)
You can not only advertise CBD products online, it's easy to find places to order CBD products online for animals and for people.
Petsmart sells CBD products for pets in their online store, for instance. Payment by credit card.
Amazon has many vendors who sell CBD products. Payment by credit card.
Vendors on EBay sell CBD products, payment by PayPal. Or credit card.
And as I mentioned, there are hundreds of websites online that sell CBD for people.
Obviously if you can buy it online you can use a credit card, although of course not all online stores offer payment with paypal.

So, your statements above are not accurate.
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No. Thats not true, and I don't think you are understanding what I am saying. Ebay does not sell CBD. Amazon does. But people claim its not full spectrum and not lad tested. FACEBOOK absolutely does not advertise CBD products. They are kicking people off for trying. The major credit card companies will NOT allow CBD sales and classify it as too high risk. There are high risk credit card accounts and two or three companies that offer it . But the store is paying 3 times the cost to offer it. I guess that makes no difference to the consumer, but for a small store its a big deal. A year ago Facebook starting running some select CBD ads from companies with a lot of money, but then pulled them when people like me complained to them that they were playing favorites with these big companies while prohibiting others. There are not hundreds of stores selling CBD. If you do not believe me ASK PAYPAL if you can sell CBD using paypal. They are banning anyone who tries and closing all their paypal accounts linked to their name. It happened to two people i know. I am not going to argue the point any further. I was only trying to say that most of the companies selling online in the USA are manufacturers and have the lab tests and certifications. I am willing to bet PETCO and Petsmart do not sell it online either, but I don't care enough to go look. Twitter, Pinterest, snapchat Facebook, nextdooor, all will not accept CBD advertising. I tried them all. Google banned me when I posted a CBD ad. For Life. no warning no nothing. Twitter gave me a warning. Snapchat asked me what i was selling and told me no way.
OK, I think I got a few things wrong.
I assumed that facebook allowed it because I know that they used to, didn't know they changed that. I don't do facebook myself, so probably shouldn't have thought I knew anything about that. I thought EBay sold it but I guess they don't, so I got that wrong. Sorry.

here are links to the Petsmart and Petco website pages where you can get CBD products:

Still, it is clear to me that you know more about this than I do, so I will take your word for this. The voice of experience is usually the one to listen to. :)

This is not really on topic, exactly, but....
While it is apparently true that credit card companies don't like to sell accounts to businesses that sell CBD and so they charge high prices, I don't think they hold very high standards in other ways.

For instance I recently found an ad online from someone selling a cheap piece of plastic and metal jewelry for $150 because she said it had the spirit of a Werewolf trapped inside it. SHE had a merchant credit card account. So those card companies are being perhaps a bit arbitrary in their choosing who can have an account based on the reliability of claims that the seller makes!
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I jumped because I am passionate about all things cannabis, and have a "thing" for bad information/, and I only rediscovered it 5 yrs ago. Back in the day, we had no idea that it could be good for anything except fun.

I was astonished when Nevada legalized recreationally in 2016. Prior to that it was a total hassle to even get an MMJ card (MMJ was legalized in 2012). There were roadblocks everywhere when I tried and a six month wait.
I had abstained for over 35 yrs to protect a high paying job in the gaming industry. After retirement, I had to be put on a regimen of opioids by my doctor (10 yrs worth) for 24x7 pain. They barely took the edge off my pain and eventually would have killed me. A side benefit is that I sleep like a kid again...I kid you not.

I discovered the medicinal benefits of cannabis quite by accident, after I was able to purchase Cannabis products legally. After 30 days I was able to dump the opioids and never looked back. Afterwards, I realized that this new medicine was pretty easy to grow myself and saved a fortune.
I usually grow indoors since the plant is more easily controlled in a grow tent. Aside from the medical value, growing has been great therapy as well.

I had one dogs whose life was extended by 6 months after giving up on prescribed meds, and I tried dispensary CBD as a last resort. Alas, nothing can cure old age, but she did very well those last 6 months.
If testing wer not so expensive, I would definitely be growing CBD rich plants for future use with my dogs.
I have the seeds on hand as well. CBD has become so profitable that many cannabis seed banks give them away with a regular seed order. Otherwise I would not have bought any CBD strain seeds.

. One problem is the existence of false information that proliferates the net. It is wise to get as many sources as possible before making a decision. Since the FDA has effectively banned all things cannabis (except their own), studies in the USA have ground to a halt in favor of the drug companies doing their thing overseas..Like South America and Israel for example

I can't wrap my head around the schedule one designation ("having no medicinal value") yet their own a patent on the very same thing. This is why I find the FDA's position so abhorrent, since their own patent was issued in 2003

One of my favorite strains grown indoors.

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I'm with you on this. Cannabis has helped me with the chronic pain I experience more than anything else has, and I also was able to leave opiate pain medication behind me. Forever, as long as I can get the tinctures that do the job so much better than pain pills ever did, and have other great benefits as well. Long live the cannabis plant. :)
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Yeah you can't use a credit card at any dispensary anywhere in the country. Here in Oregon they have an ATM in every dispensary for that reason
It's the same here, but I thought that was only because THC is not legal in all the states. I didn't know that it was also because of CBD. Now I know.
@Madra Anamchara
Here is a basic method for making your own tinctures. Aside from being much can custom tailor the strength.
I only make THC tinctures, and those sold in dispensaries are not strong enough thanx to regulation; but if you DIY you get whatever you want. One interesting about THC is that when it degrades, the composition changes to CBN. CBN is less psychoactive, but oh so great for a good night's sleep. I have been making my night time tincture with 2 yr old CBN rich cannabis.
If you use olive oil or food grade glycerin, you can put your tincture into a 00 size gelatin capsule. It will then be acted upon by the liver (instead of being directly secreted into the blood stream) and have the effect of an edible!
Take some sublingually and add a capsule and you will not believe the effects.

Hey, thanks much for this information. I did make my own tincture one time but all the info said you have to use high potency alcohol, and everclear is best, so I did that and it made a tincture that worked but the everclear burned my mouth so I couldn't use it. I have not ever found any info on how to make it with oil or glycerin instead of alcohol.
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