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Maximum CBD oil dosage per 24 hours

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I have a 9 year old Maltese who is scared of thunder and lightning. We give her 1ml CBD oil when we hear the Thunder and it does calm her down. Unfortunately we have had nearly 3 days of Storms so there is Thunder every now and then. I gave her 1ml and then again another dose 8 hours later and repeated this, but the problem is the CBD oil wears off before the 8 hours is up, so can I give her more doses. I dont want to overdose and my wife was already worried about my 3 doses per 24 hours.

Anyone know what the max would be per 24hours. She weighs about 12lbs so the 1ml is about right for that weight and the supplier does not say much more than that.


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It is my understanding that overdosing on CBD oil (as long as it has no THC) is unlikely.
Can A Dog Overdose On CBD Oil (

I have used it both long term for chronic conditions and on an as needed basis, (dosed at 2 mg. CBD per 10 lbs. body weight, twice a day (as per my vet)) for my dogs, and have never run into any problems with it.
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