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I just registered with dogforum because i am looking for help. I have a boxer & Lab mix I rescued her from North Shore Animal League in Long Island NY. They rescued her from Hurricane Ike. She was a very skiddish puppy as you can imagine. She has been having leg problems. I took her to the vet and the vet said she has two Luxating Patella's one in each knee. She is only about 9 months old and she can't run. She lays around all day and even has trouble going out to use the bathroom. I find her just sitting there with this face that screams pain! I can't afford this surgery, my vet said it was $2000 a knee, I am a college student and can bearly afford that in this economy. SO i guess what im getting at.. does anybody know of how i can get financial help or some vet that does pro bono work? (I know its a far shot but it's my only choice) I don't want to see her in pain, I can only imagine how bad it may get- The next option is putting her to sleep- :(

Thanks for your help
<3 prada & me
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