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My understanding:


1. Hi pitch yelp & let limb go numb
2. If ineffective, 30 to 60sec time-out (remove calmly & retrieve without attention)
3. Bitter spray
4. Breath spray as deterrent (last resort)

The yelp worked, but only on me. He's two now and mouthes others regularly. How do I teach him he can't do that with anyone? Note: He doesn't tend to latch onto limbs, but clothes or fabric.


He doesn't do this with me either because he learned not to or he is not as excited to see me.

My understanding is that you are to withhold attention. No eye contact, no touching, no words. Some sources say to turn away others say to walk toward the dog.

How do I teach him not to jump on others when they don't respond as a trainer would?


In about 10 percent of situations when a person or dog passes by he will lunge towards them. It's playful, but that's not obvious to others.

I live in a condo.

My dog excitedly jumped on a woman who was previously attacked by a dog and chase her dog around. She was triggered.

An elderly lady squatted down to great my dog and he got overly excited and mouthed or scathing so she got a small 1 to two inch cut on her arm. Similarly a year later he got out and another elderly lady was similarly injured.

Rumors flew around and now many people in the complex are afraid of my dog, including members of the HOA. The HOA is also concerned about potential for a lawsuit.

Now I have to take the freight elevator when not in use to avoid contact with others and muzzle my dog when he is on the complex.

I beg of you. Help!

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For all these things, you can easily prevent him doing this to other people by keeping him on leash, and being firm that people shouldn't approach him.

At the same time, rather than preventing any behaviour (don't do) its always easier to train an alternative (do do). So, a really solid sit would work for these behaviours It has to be well rewarded though, so that it is a far more desirable choice for your dog.
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