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Hi! I have a 7/8 year old lab/Saint Bernard mix. For the last 10 days I’ve noticed her appetite has been on and off, she usually eats all her food, maybe once in a while skips one meal (she gets fed twice a day) but lately she hasn’t had her normal appetite. Sometimes she eats her food but others she eats just a little, or half, or skips meals all together. She didn’t eat lastnight and didn’t eat this morning.

She is otherwise acting totally normal, drinking, playful with the other dogs.Only thing that’s changed is one of my dogs left for training right when this started, at first I thought maybe that was it. She did something similar when my old dog passed away, but this is a longer time.

Maybe she is getting older and just eats what she needs now? Do their eating habits change like that? She’s 95 pounds, so at almost 8 she is considered senior now I believe.

I’ll call my vet when they open today just curious what opinions I might get here.

I believe her blood work is current but if not I’ll get a senior panel done to be sure.

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