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Loosing The Last 4ish Pounds

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Ive got Sawyer down to 52 pounds. But I would like to get him down to 48 as he still a touch over weight. But I feel like im having a hard time getting him to loose those last 4 pounds. He's been at 52-51 for awhile now and but we haven't gotten past that.
Currently he's getting 1 1/3 cups of food a day (1/2 in the morning and 1/2+1/3 in the evening). Currently im trying him on Canidae Pure Sky. I try not to give him to many treats, he gets zukes mini's and milk bones. Though he has been getting more milk bones then normal since ive started college (this week) since I give him one before I leave and as a bed time cookie. But it hast seemed to affect his weight to much.

Is my best bet to cut down on treats a bit and try and get more exercise in? He mostly runs in the yard and plays with toys for exercise, since the weathers been to hot to go out during the day and doesn't cool off until its to dark to go out. Normally when we do have the chance or its not to hot to walk we go for about 2 miles. I also have his backpack that im working to condition him with, would that help carrying stuff on walks to loose weight?
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This may resolve itself once the weather cools off. They are never particularly spunky in bazillion degree weather. Lets be honest we aren't either! Well except for those odd people that run in the middle of the day...but hey everyone is entitled to their own way of doing things. I would probably say leave off the milk bones, if you really think he needs something cut out. They aren't really a high value treat and have a lot of carbs.
I have the same problem but a good idea is a cooked carrot instead of a treat
Weight is just CICO- calories in, calories out. The reason you end up stalling at the the end is that as your weight goes down, your TDEE (total daily energy expenditure, base metabolic rate + exercise) goes down, so you need to further cut calories to lose more weight.

I would cut out the milkbones. I know dogs like them, but it's a lot of empty calories. They sell these 1.5 calorie treats that Kabota loves (he needs to lose weight, too, we're working on it), or green beans instead would work. Carrots are kinda high in sugars, so I'd stick with green beans or cauliflower.
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