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Looking to train dogs FOR FREE in Nova scotia

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Hope this is allowed. Ive taken different behaviour, welfare, emotiona and cognition courses and would like to start a business in the field of canine behaviour issues. Specializing with pitbulls.

So. I havent had luck trying to get dogs to train in order to gain experience. As long as this post is ok on here I'd like to invite people to comment so I can train puppy obedience for free. The only catch is you would be required to sign away me being liable for any injury etc. Thanks
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I imagine people would want to know more about your credentials and training methods before engaging you. Could you elaborate?
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but sometimes need a reminder of what he's doing or that he's too close to the road,
when pets get lost they dont come back
We find a leash or long line very successful for both of these issues, without having to use an e-collar.

I realise you posted this before the other reply that I responded to regarding our position on e-collars so I'd just reiterate this is a non-aversive forum. Whatever you are trying to teach your dog(s) there are knowledgeable people here who can help you find ways of doing it that the dog wants to comply with, not ones he complies with just to avoid the consequences if he doesn't.
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