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Looking to train dogs FOR FREE in Nova scotia

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Hope this is allowed. Ive taken different behaviour, welfare, emotiona and cognition courses and would like to start a business in the field of canine behaviour issues. Specializing with pitbulls.

So. I havent had luck trying to get dogs to train in order to gain experience. As long as this post is ok on here I'd like to invite people to comment so I can train puppy obedience for free. The only catch is you would be required to sign away me being liable for any injury etc. Thanks
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Having watched your video where you tied your own dog to a tree and baited him with a ball, without protective clothing, I would hesitate to let you anywhere near my dogs, sorry.

Especially as you’re training your dog for “protection” but don’t seem to know the difference between the different types of training techniques;

And even more especially when in another thread, you mention looking for a collar that can protect your dog’s neck from coyotes and other predators, and an e-collar sleeve;

Which, by the way, I’ve had to look up. I thought using e-collars was depressing enough. But to disguise the use of them.

Sorry, but you’re definitely not someone I’d currently want near my dogs.

Just my personal opinion.
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His e collar reciever has lights on it is why, you've totally misunderstood the reason. That was why I said night time use or an e-collar sleeve.

Once again this post is specifically for teaching puppies basic things, using treats and praise only. Regardless, I can only respect the decision to disagree with my choices.

Although I will add that I purely stick with the vibrate and sound function of the collar anyway! He's well trained but sometimes need a reminder of what he's doing or that he's too close to the road, 100% harmless. And yes we live with wildlife and when pets get lost they dont come back. we've got 60lbs coyotes and at times don't walk outside without a gun, I don't see an issue with wanting my dog neck to not get severely injured.

As for the video, it's totally normal to practise that, to build confidence in dogs of such trade is one reason. It's used in several training pieces for different reasons from teaching them to bark consistantly on command, to develop an emotional drive when working, to teach lunging on command in a safe manner so he don't backflip in a much more unforgiving situation, to create focus on the task, and so on. My dog actually likes more challenging games Infact he initiates that type game while outside and loves being on leash.

I'm at a loss of which technique you're referring to, and why I need a bite sleeve while I'm not doing bite work?

Just trying to understand the issues at hand, thanks.
People are going to look at how you handle and train your own dog, and if you have to tie him to a tree to teach a bark on command, and to get him to pull or resist leash pressure (which is the opposite of what most people teach - and for good reason), then people are going to ask why.

We’re a minimally aversive forum, so we don’t condone the use of e-collars anyway, and if you’re just looking to train puppies, then that speaks a lot about your teaching level. There’s a phrase that goes something like this;

“Anyone can captain a ship in calm waters, but only a true captain with years of experience can guide a ship through stormy seas.”

I can train my dog to bark on command without her being on leash at all, never mind tied to a tree. I simply reward the barking. I can (and for mobility reasons, have) taught her to pull when necessary without the use of a tree, simply by rewarding the pull.

You’re training your dog for protection. In the video you’re using a ball on a rope as “bait”. Now if the dog misses, or deliberately chooses to target your hand, what are you going to do?

That’s why you need protection equipment such as a sleeve.

And if you really knew what you were doing, you’d know that no one who trains their own dog in protection - uses themselves as the intruder.

Dogs should be on lead near roads, so you shouldn’t need an e-collar for that reason.

If your dog has a tendency to run off in coyote country, then you haven’t taught a reliable recall, or heel, and it’s your job to protect your dog. I doubt there’s a collar on the market that could protect your dog’s neck from a coyote. Never mind one that’s light enough to be worn all the time.
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