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Hello DogForum world,

I'd like to start off by saying I'm new to this site so I apologize if this subject has already been touched on by another member, but am looking forward to meeting some people in the PPD world and hearing feedback about some local trainers! If everything goes right Spring of 2021 I will be importing a Doberman pup, however I'm being a bit picky and might have to wait for another litter later on in the year. I was a kennel aid for a Rottweiler and Doberman breeder that competed in Schutzhund for several years, I have experience handling and working the dogs but not training from the ground up. I've found a trainer in Florida that I really like, however when I send my girl for training I'd like to be able to travel every other weekend to see progress, bond (as I plan on sending her at six-eight months to the trainer) and hopefully learn some of the steps along the way... if I can. I realize Schutzhund and PPD are two different worlds which is why I'd like to find a trainer that would be willing to help me learn since researching with books and watching training videos only does so much!

My hopes for her are to train in PPD with a strong obedience focus (I've noticed some trainers focus more on bite work than making a stable well socialized dog) along with tracking. I follow quite a few trainers on Instagram from all over the world and have saved well over 300 videos of different exercises for confidence building, balance, tips for all kinds of things and lots of puppy training help for the first four or so months I plan on keeping her before sending her to a trainer so she isn't a lost cause, haha!

Also while I have everyone's attention I'd love to hear about any clubs or groups that I could be a part of! I'm from Maine to narrow down to closer groups :)

Thanks in advance!
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