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Hi everyone,
I am planning to get my first dog later this year (probably around May-June time) and would love some recommendations please.
I currently live in aprox 55 sq m apartment, and the dog would have access to all of that. I have no garden/yard, however, there are large green spaces about 50m from me, and forest about 5 mins walk. On an average day I would be able to provide the dog with an approx 40 mins walk/run morning and evening, plus 2-3 hours of play/training. On the weekends I can do longer walks, and spend more time with them (also if they can be trained to run along side without pulling they could come with me on bike rides).
As it is just me and I work, they would need to be OK with being alone for around 4 hours at a time.
I don't have allergies so shedding is not really issue (though would have to buy a hoover ;) ).
I would like them to be comfortable around other people and dogs and OK on public transport (I don't have a car and I would like to take them with on my travels when possible). If it takes some training to get to this stage that is fine as long as they can get there.
Other qualities I would like would be relatively quiet (so as to not disturb the neighbours), friendly and trainable.
Because it might play a role in what is suitable, the weather where I live is generally mild, in winter it can get down to around -15 and in the summer the hottest was around 30 (these are the extremes and it usually stays between this).
I know I have written a lot and have a lot of specifications but I would rather make the right decision on what dog I get than rush into this without planning. I have previous experience of dogs (grew up with them) but this would be the first dog that is mine and mine alone. I am happy to consider mixed breeds but still good to know what breeds might be suitable for me to look for in a mix.
Huge thanks in advance for your recommendations :)
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