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Looking for ideal breed based on following traits

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In order of importance:

  • Small - Pref under 20 lbs.
  • Little grooming,
  • low shedding,
  • min. exercise needed,
  • low separation anxiety,
  • easy to train.
  • Doesnt bark a lot.
  • Hypoallergenic and watchdog are also nice to haves.
  • Can tolerate heat/cold.
  • Minimal health issues.

Not about all these criteria, but a few like mi-ki seem to fit most important criteria. Bolonoodle and Cavachon arent bad, but larger and need more exercise.

Norfolk-terrier seems interesting, but requires lots of exercise, and concerned about it tolerating being alone even though a dog encyclopedia says otherwise.

Any advice?
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Something else to consider: rescues. There are so many rescues out there, especially if you live in a larger area. Not only do they often foster out their dogs (so they can tell you exactly (or nearly) what that dog is like in a home environment) but they also network fairly well and can tell you about other dogs in the area that might fit the bill for you. Plus, they're more willing to transport dogs if need be.

I would honestly consider a small breed adult dog, of whatever mix appeals to you. I've found heinz 57 type dogs can be pretty fantastic themselves :). Google dog rescues, check out and and start sending out messages telling them what you want.

I wouldn't recommend a puppy, as others have said they are unpredictible as to how they will turn out and are a lot of work, not just to start but for months to years after you bring them home, depending on how long it takes them to "mature".
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