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Basically you're going to have to
-groom any dog you get (unless it's a really short haired dog there's probably not gonna be a 'minimum' brushing. My dogs get Matts if I don't brush them for three days straight)
-exercise any dog you get (every dog has some energy)
-train any dog you get (the breed could be easy to train but your dog might not be lol. My neighbors got a golden retriever thinking she was gonna be easy to train, five years later, she barely knows sit)
-any dog could have health issues, even if they don't have them when you get them they could have it later on in life.
Are you prepared to devote time to your new dog? you seem to want to do as little as possible! In the end it all depends on the dog you get, not the breed, the individual dog.
1 - 2 of 28 Posts
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