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Our dog Molly is a saint-bernard and we live in North California on a dirt road. Winter is the rainy season and sometimes we have heavy rain non-stop for many days. Molly absolutely lives for her morning walks! She is 2 years old, and we adopted her last Spring, so this will be her first winter with us. I'm trying to get the right gear to simplify the cleanup when she goes out on the muddy road.
We already tried two sets of booties and will return them because they did not work at all. The first was the Muttluks, medium size. They are hard to put on because of the long stretch part. They are quite tight, despite taking careful measurements of her paws. Even though they are tight, after only 5 minutes walking in the house the front boots were coming off by themselves. :headshake: They were too tight to wrap around the velcro strap, so I thought maybe that's the problem. So we ordered the large size. Same problem: They were easier to put on and we could use the velcro strap, but they were also coming off after 5 minutes in the house. :headshake::headshake:Not sure why these have good reviews and how people are using them, but that did not work for us.

So I though I would ask you guys:
1- Have you experienced similar problems with these or other boots, and is there a trick, or is it a general flaw of these kinds of boot?
2- Do you have a recommendation on good boots we should use.

I found on an older thread that someone (Beauce38) was recommending the following. I like these because they are longer than most other boots and the upper strap is the type with a spring clip. But I could not find these, maybe it is available in France only.

I also found these:

My Busy Dog

Can you let me know what you think?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Ben (with a lot of help from Molly who snores next to me)
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