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Looking For Good Canned food Without Flax Seed

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I feed kibble plus a topper of canned food to my three dogs, 2 older Pugs and a Yorkie/Poo. One of my Pugs is intolerant to Flax seed.

I am looking for a decent canned food that does not contain Flaxseed to use as the topper. I feed Acana Singles formula and Taste of the Wild kibble.

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Oh! Tough!

Petkind/Tripet comes immediately to mind. I'm pretty sure both of their lines don't contain flax. They are known for very limited ingredients. I currently have Petkind bison tripe and duck at home and the ingredients literally are just: duck/bison tripe, water, quinoa, potato, and blueberries.
Petkind Pure Kindness

Would take some looking at ingredient lists to make sure but for some reason Earthborn holistic comes to mind as well... hopefully others will be able to give more foods to look at!
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