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I've been training almost daily with Lola for close to a month now. She's learned A LOT of tricks, so I figured the best way to keep track of them all would be to make a journal. :)

The tricks she currently knows are:

Use The Bathroom on Command
Leap Through Hoop
Roll Over
Play Dead
Open (the door)
Back Up

Tricks she knows but is still working on perfecting:

Take It
Leave It

I've been using this page for help, as well as for just giving me plenty of trick ideas! My goal is to hopefully be able to teach her all of them!

I've been recording videos of her progress. I may share some of them in the thread eventually!

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September 11, 2016:

Today Lola learned Stand. She learned it with ease. Almost as if she already knew it!

We worked on Open, since that was her most recent learned trick. She's pretty much got it down! We also worked on Take It. Take It is the one trick I seem to have the most problem teaching her. She picks the item up but she won't HOLD it. She immediately throws it to the ground, expecting a treat. I tried holding it in her mouth to show her what I want, but it didn't seem to click. Not sure when we'll be able to get this one completely down, but I'm not going to stop trying.

We also worked on Leap with the hula hoop. She does pretty well as long as the hoop isn't held too high. When it is, she goes under it. I think this one just needs more practice and maybe more room. May try to take her outside and work on it.

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September 12 & 14:

I wasn't able to train with Lola yesterday, and the day before that, I forgot to log her progress, so I'll just tack the two of them together in one post.

On the 12th, I got some training bells to go on the door for her to learn to ring when she wants to go out. Teaching her to touch the bells wasn't all that hard to do. I practiced with her on the 12th and then again today, and she's got that one down! Now... I just need to start working with her to ring them before we go outside.

I'm still working on 'take it'. Not much progress was made on the 12th, but today she actually managed to hold the toy in her mouth for a little while before dropping it! I took that as a good sign! We finally seem to be getting somewhere!

I'm trying to teach her the name of her toys. Sometimes it seems like she gets it, other times she gets confused. I'm working on her ball first since it's one of her favorites. I guess this is just something we'll have to practice a lot until it sticks.

Other than bell, I worked on 'bow' today, and I have to say, this one is going to be pretty easy. :D She already bows a little before she goes into 'down', so I just clicked when she bowed and she seemed to pick that up rather well!

Still working on the hula hoop leap, and she seems to be getting better and more confident the more we practice!

I've attempted to teach her to fetch but... that one isn't going so well. She'd rather have a treat than bring me the ball.
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