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Recently my best friend, Lola, was diagnosed with cancerous mast cell tumor on her right arm. She is a Chocolate lab mix and ONLY 4.5 years old. She has surgery scheduled for Feb. 28th for the removal and being sent out for grading. Depending on the results she may have to undergo radiation and/or chemo, maybe CBD Oil treatments, etc.. Other than the bump on her arm she seems pretty much normal as can be: active, normal bathroom habits, eating and drinking, no vomiting or sneezing, just acts like a healthy dog.
I have a 12 month old baby at home, and another on the way due in June. So as you can imagine, money is tight and the cost of the surgery is not something we anticipated.
I am posting in the unfortunate hopes that someone in this group has gone through the same situation or a similair one, just to share experience with.
If you read it and this touches home and your able to help out in anyway, anything would be helpful. A kind message of encouragement, small donation, a share of this page, anything. She is my buddy, and it breaks my heart she has to go through this.


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