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Dear all,

Our little puppy Matilda is only 10 month old but she had a terrible accident. She got hit by a train and was very close to die. When we took her to the clinic the doctors, could not give us much hope. They said it would be a miracle if she survived the first night but she did. Now she is on her way up but there are a lot of surgeries and days in the clinic to come. We are just two students from Germany and we will give everything to save our little puppy’s life. However, the costs for all the surgeries are really high. Already more than 2000 Dollars. We had saved some money in advance but of course not enough to pay all of the vet bills that are coming up now. We got help from your friends and family but there are still many unpaied bills and more are coming up each week.

Svea and Nadia


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