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Hi Cindy and Little Missy and welcome to the Dog Forum! No, IMO Missy is not to young to start housebreaking at all. There are many ways to start and everyone has their own ways to housebreak pups. You might actually have to try a few different methods. Not every pup responds that same way. The key is consistancy and never punish her for going in side or rubbing her face in her potty.
After every meal, drink water, waking up she needs to go outside. If she starts to pee in the house, scoop her up and take her outside. Praise her then she is done. You may need to confine her in a small area. She will not eat or sleep where she potties.
You may find you need to take her out every half an hour at first, then every hour and increase the time as she learns that she needs to go outside and as she gets older and she had mote bladder control.
I don't know if I help you enough, I know we have some really good trainers and breeders who can help a lot more then me, but please let us know how she progresses. Best of luck to you and Little Missy!
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