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Likeliness of THIS puppy being my rescue dog

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Hi everyone!

I come to you for advice. :) New here. My story is that I adopted a little dog about 7 months ago, after he was found roaming the streets (he was in a foster home first for a while, but no owner was found). A couple of weeks ago I was browsing through the posts of a local Facebook group, and I randomly spotted a dog in a photo that looked A LOT like him. Not sure how to explain it, since they weren't the same color or anything, but there was just something familiar about the dog. I was bored, so I clicked the woman's profile to see if she had more pictures, and I discovered that her dog (that reminds me of my dog) had puppies once. The thing is... in my opinion, one of the puppies look A LOT like my guy! Same shape of the spot on the head, and same shape of spot on the butt area. The thing is though, my dog has much more black than the puppy does, which leads me to my question.

When a black and white puppy is born, is it possible that their black areas "expand" as they grow? Or do they remain the same size and shape? My dog also has spotting, but I know that usually appears later anyway. What I am wondering about is the black area on the back. Could that have expanded, or is there no way in hell that this puppy is my dog?

Probably not, seems impossible, but I can't seem to get it out of my head, so I thought I'd ask for your opinion. I'm most likely being ridiculous haha, but it was just such an odd coincidence that I thought the mom looked like my dog, and she happened to have had a puppy with the same markings.

Would really appreciate your opinions here!

Posting a couple of pictures. One shows my dog, with the mom of the puppy in the picture next to him. Below is the back of the puppy's neck, and my dog's neck. The other picture shows the whole litter and a full photo of the puppy. The puppy looks a bit brownish though, but it could be because of the light maybe? The lady who owns the mom said the puppy was closer to black then brown (she says she gave him away to a cab driver and doesn't know what happened after that). Guessing a puppy can't be born with more brownish fur, and later turn quite black?

Sorry for all the questions, but I'm so interested in dog genetics! So even if this isn't my puppy (which it probably isn't, I'm interested in learning the answers to my questions). Thanks a lot in advance!

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I would say judging by the mother and your dog, that it is quite possible. The mark on the dog's neck would look bigger as the dog grew and had more hair.
Your dog has black on his body too though? Not very likely that he would develop that extensive of a black marking as an adult when it wasn't there as a pup. In the litter picture, it looks like the puppy in question is a chocolate tricolor, which would be able to turn black. He's very cute though, and they do otherwise look similar :)
Just chiming in to say your dog is super cute and looks SO much like my Sophie.
looks like your dog has black all the way over his back while the puppy in question has only a spot on his butt. markings don't change THAT dramatically. I think it is extremely unlikely that said puppy is your dog.
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