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We have a 1.5 year old dog (we believe she is a pit/jack russel mix) who is excessively affectionate to the point that it is creating a problem.

She was rescued from a situation where her previous person kept her confined to the kitchen 24/7, only letting her out once a day to go potty. She had very little socialization with people before then.

We also have an 11 year old teacup chihuahua who was a puppy mill rescue and lived inside of a crate for the first 7 years of her life. Because she was never properly potty trained, she gets carried pretty much everywhere to avoid accidents. She has a tendency to lick my girlfriend, but due to her size and small tongue, it never bothered her and she has learned that I am not a fan.

The issue we are facing is that the younger dog doesn't stop licking. None of the commands or signals we have used to correct some of her other behaviors discourage her from licking. It's constant. She even licks the air around us.

We are worried about hurting her feelings, so we want to change this behavior the right way. However, we also don't want to hurt the chihuahua's feelings, either, by suddenly expressing to her that mommy no longer wants the kisses.

Any advice? We are beginning to feel a bit overwhelmed and it is also starting to affect our relationship.

Thank you for your time and insight.
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