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Thank you for your advice, the reason I thought I could leave a puppy at home is because my friends recently got a puppy and she is the main one helping me with this process. She's already leaving her Pomeranian home alone for 7 hrs every day. They got the puppy when it was 2 months old and it's now 4 months old.
When I was a child I would want to do something that was a bad idea and my mum would say no.. I would say ' but my friend does it' and my mother would say 'so if your friend stuck her head in the gas oven would you do it.'??

So because your friend leaves a tiny pup for 7 hours every day you think its a good idea??? Really ? Are you going to stick your head in the gas oven just because your friends do it?

I wish I knew your friend because I would be calling animal services , no dog deserves to be left alone for that long on a regular basis. There is no point in having a dog if you are going to ignore it for most of the day or lock it in a crate. Oh and if you think its ok to lock a dog in a crate for that long try it yourself , after work lock yourself in a closet with no interaction, no toilet, no entertainment and see how long it takes before you get stir crazy.. Now imagine doing that to a tiny pup in essence a baby.. Its not right.

Seriously re-think this plan and wait for a better time and until you have done a lot more reserch into responsible dog ownership and have a structured plan in place to care for your dog that doesnt include leaving it alone for hours at a time.
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