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Hello all,

recently you explained to me what my "mal" might be, by "mal" I mean probably some GSD mixed with a floppy eared dog.. haha.

Let's try it again with her brother, Plato. He's a "Lab mix" but he pretty much only has the coat of a lab. Head looks different, ears different, tail, different, he's only 11 months old, he's 25" at the shoulder and 65 pounds. lol.

Any guesses? He hates strangers, is extreeeeeeeemly protective over his momma, my girlfriend. Easily the smartest dog I've ever had/met picks up on new tricks after only being shown them once or twice, rarely barks but when he does - and he thinks it's serious - it's usually a really loud, pronounced howl.. he's a great dog, just wondering what you all think he may be. I was thinking Lab/Dal mix? Explains the "guard dog" instinct of his..

Oh! and the picture of him with his sister... she was badly 2 months old, and he was barely 3 months old. The rest are recent.


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