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This is their story and the page to help the family get the money they need to take legal action this has happened to many times at this shelter. They do not care about animals and something has to be done. Many animals have gotten picked up after getting lost and killed before their hold time is up before the owners even have a chance to get to the shelter.
They need to make changes this is My local shelter

What do you do when the people that are meant to protect our animals are the ones hurting our animals. Who do you trust?

My name is Chance. I have a family that loved me. That wanted me. And wants me still. But I was killed yesterday by Wilson County, NC Animal shelter. And they KNEW my dad was coming to get me.

This is my story.

Around lunch time on Wednesday, July 1st, Chances dad received a phone call from a neighbor that Chance got out of his yard. His Dad was at work an hour and a half away. His mom was also at work and unable to get home to get Chance safely back in his yard. Chance's dad initiated the call to animal control because he wanted to keep his dog safe. He didn't want to see him hit by a car, stollen or picked up as a stray. So HE called animal control looking for help. They told him he had three options;
1) they could put him back in the yard, but there was a problem with the fence and he would probably get back out
2) They could take him to the shelter as an owner surrender
3) They could take him to the shelter and he would have until Monday to reclaim him.

Chance's dad, with good faith and trust in animal control, (he initiated the call asking for help - why wouldn't he trust an agency that's meant to protect animals) asked that they took Chance to keep him safe and he would be in before Monday to pick him up. Thursday morning, the very NEXT DAY, July 2nd, Chance's dad fixed his fence and went to the animal shelter around 1pm to pick him up and take him home. He was told that his dog wasn't there. He asked where was he?... They again said his dog wasn't there - that they didn't have him any more. He asked if they were telling him that his dog was dead - and they said yes. Chance was dead. With overwhelming sadness and disbelief - he asked how that happened and no one could answer him. He demanded to see a paper that signed ownership of Chance over to the shelter - of course they had nothing. He asked to speak with someone else and no one cared. No one said they were sorry. They said "what's done is done". Chance was LOVED by his family. He was WANTED by his family. His dad said it's NOT done. His dad then asked for his body so that he could be taken home. So that they could say good bye. So that he and his family could grieve the loss of their family member. The staff said no. The animal shelter will not give Chance back to his family so that he can be properly buried at their home. So that their family can have closure.
Why not?
Why won't they give Chance back to the family that loves him?
Could he have been confused with another dog and possibly adopted out or given to another rescue? Or maybe sitting in the shelter at this very moment?
How could this happen in the first place?
DID THIS REALLY HAPPEN - was he really euthanized?
Could he be alive somewhere - maybe confused with another dog?
Why is this - SADLY - not the first time that this has happened?
Why did Chance loose his life, his future with his family?
And why can he not go home now?
How could the shelter kill him and dispose of the body before 1pm the very next day...?
Could he have been confused with another dog and possibly still alive somewhere??
No one is answering this family. He has been trying to reach the Sheriff with no return calls. He's doing everything he knows to do to get his family member back. Chance deserves to go home. This family deserves answers. This should NOT be happening. Our county shelter should protect and not needlessly kill. There is no excuse for this. No justification. Chance deserves to go home. This family is trying so hard to get him back so they can grieve and bury him in their yard, where he will always be a part of their family. Chance deserved better and deserves to go back home to the family that wants him still.

This could have been any one of us that this happened to. We know people in Wilson that this HAS happened to. They need to be held accountable. They need to answer all these questions and they need to let Chance go home and have a proper burial. IF he was accidentally confused with another dog - he needs to be given back to the family that loves him.
Be Chances voice and tell them to let him go home. Be Chances voice and demand answers to how this happened. Next time it could be any one of our family members or friends going through this. This needs to STOP happening in Wilson County NC.

Help make them accountable for this. Help get Chance back home where he belongs. Call and ask that they let Chance go home and ask why this happened to begin with.
Sheriffs office # 252-265-5971
Or call 252-237-8300 and press 1
County Manager, Denise Stinagle (252) 399-2804

Here is the news article and video Family in tears, wondering if their dog is alive or dead in Wilson County |

They got his body back today 7/13/2015 13 days after he was picked up and killed or so they say.. I do not believe he was killed 13 days ago they would not have kept his body this dog, They have disposed of many bodies since then yet some reason Chance they kept for 13 days I believe they Killed him to prevent his family from finding out he was not killed when they originally said he was.. They are taking legal action to prevent this from happening again since they did not follow state statues here is where you can donate to help pay legal fees
Justice For Chance by Melanie Horne - GoFundMe
They also have a facebook page called Justice For Chance

This was their most recent post/update
Words can not describe the emotions that are being felt right now. Today at 4pm, the Wilson County Sheriffs Dept unceremoniously returned Chance's body to his family. While this is what we've been fighting so hard for, to have Chance home for a proper burial with the people who love him, it's still so very devastating to know he is dead and not miss identified with another dog. To have the proof right in front of you... That he is really gone... it is heartbreaking. We had the HOPE that somehow they had made a mistake and that Chance was still alive. Today that hope is crushed. However, we do not want Chances death to be in vain. We want to continue to fight for change so this never happens again.The Wilson County Animal Shelter did break the law. They did not follow ordinances regarding the 72 hour minimum holding period or the written owner consent to euthanize an animal within that time frame. We want to continue to fight in memory of Chance. To fight for Justice for all Wilson County animals. We are thankful that his body was returned to his family, but the shelter and the Sheriff still have yet to say they are sorry and that they were wrong. Chance is dead because they did not follow ordinances. They still need to be accountable and we still need to find Justice for Chance and protect other pets from this heartbreaking fate. We are planning a candlelight vigil, for Chance and every other pet that has been wrongly euthanized in Wilson County Shelter. If you know of this happening to someone else, please let us know so we can recognize their pets name during the vigil.
We want Chance's life and death to mean something. Animal Control still need to be accountable for what they've done. This is about more than Chance now. This is about the need for transparency and reform in our shelter. If volunteers were allowed in and ALL dogs were posted and given a chance at LIFE - Chance would NOT be dead today. Change needs to happen before another pet suffers at the hands of people that don't care.
We ask that you please continue to follow Chances story because it has just begun. Thank you all for the love and continued support. We could not have gotten this far without you ‪#‎RipChance‬ ‪#‎JusticeForChance‬

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My first thought was this story was going to be that in the process of collecting Chance, the animal control was accompanied by a police officer who shot the dog.

I think we are a nation of laws and absolutely those employed by government agencies should follow their own regulations, and when they fail, they should be fired or otherwise severely disciplined, (and in some cases jailed), and the government entity should be sued for both recovery of loss (or offset of loss if you can't recover the item) plus pain and suffering, plus punitive fines to 'encourage' others to learn it is important to follow the law.

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The local sheriff released a statement saying they surrendered the dog and are sueing only for money and to make them look bad which if they are willing to pay 25000 just to take legal action their not doing it for the money
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